“ When you are almost 60, you find out that you’ve made so many things in many different roles serving other people. The moment was right to do something for me, something that could improve my woman being, that could reflect exactly what I am today, that make me proud as woman and professionist. Ornella D’Angelo Design is what I wanted with all myself, to promote myself in that innovative way I have always loved with the professionism and the experience that are my carachteristics but with a new concept. Only the braves, right? So I have the brave to always put in the center of a project The Client, with its needs and its willings, driving him around the fantastic world of the unique proposal we think for him, making him feeling that the objective is the same and it’s his objective! Here you are what makes me happy today: going to bed with the consciousness that I do what I like in the way I like! With the same professionism and competence, but with the added value of the freedom that being the Owner has given me as a special gift…”

Ornella D’Angelo