Pharmacies are in our DNA, they are our history, our beginning, our present past and future. The Pharmacy Division works as DNG group all over the world developing complete fornitures solutions for pharmacies, medical studios and hospitals. A DNG group pharmacy has got a different appeal, a new concept made of design and functionality. Nowadays pharmacies are not special shops, they need to enter the market exactly as the others counting on several new products : cosmetics, nutrition, babies, they cannot sell only medicine.

They should be treat as a shop, where lights are important, paths are important, even the design is important.
These must be places where people like to enter and want to enter not only to buy a medicine, but above all to buy something different.
This is the only way for the Pharmacists to comes out from the crysis and enrter the market, taking part to the renassence of our Country.
DNG group is the right key to open the door of the economic success.